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RavenDB: Glasgow Talk

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My Experience with RavenDB, vary from domain model design, persistency, concurrency handling, searches, replication and sharding. Based on my knowledge and experience, I decided to give a talk in RavenDB. The talk took place yesterday the 14/11/2012.

The event went really well with a good number of attendances, which allowed everyone to learn and use RavenDB, also there where some good questions. T-Shirts been give away when the any of the audience participate or as a good question.

I have received couple of positive feedbacks, which really encouraging me to prepare for another talk in future.

Finally, I would like to thank the university for providing the venue, Jim Paterson for organizing it all, attended Lecturers, and everyone else attended.

Also would like to thank PluralSight for sponsoring the talk, and provided us with subscription to their website which worth $299.

The talk powerpoint slides and the demo used are available in:

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